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The Chinese New Year Parade in San Francisco on February 15, 2014 drew hundreds of thousands of people to celebrate the entrance of the year of the horse 4712. Download this song now for free. Click BUY NOW. ENTER 0. CLICK DOWNLOAD NOW.

Shot & edited by Jared Swanson

Name of the track: Can We Become

Artist of Track: Abbot Kinney 

Written by: Jared Swanson & Brad Swanson

(c) Abbot Kinney


Jared Swanson: Vocals, guitar, piano, and bass

Brad Swanson: Drums and synths

Recorded at

Mastered by Maor Appelbaum

Every Valentine’s Day | Singles Awareness Day nearly 1,000 San Franciscans descend upon Justin Herman Plaza with feather-stuffed pillows to run Braveheart-like at full speed at one another to lovingly beat the crap out of each other until the whistle blows. Shot & edited by Jared Swanson

Name of the track: We Can’t Stop Now

Artist of Track: Abbot Kinney

  • Track Name

    Abbot Kinney Podcast 4

  • Artist

    Christopher Frontiero

CLICK TO LISTEN: I sat down to talk to one of the most lovable actors in the world, Chris Frontiero. Hope you like politics, it’s a long one.

  • Track Name

    Abbot Kinney Podcast 3

  • Artist

    J. Claude Deering

CLICK TO LISTEN!  Abbot Kinney Podcast 3: Get Got with J. Claude Deering!  He was in the Steven Soderbergh film Side Effects, NCIS, and Entourage.  We talk about his self produced FunnyOrDie projects like Things Are Going Great For Me and how we define ourselves as artists. 

  • Track Name

    Abbot Kinney Podcast 2

  • Artist

    Brad Swanson

CLICK TO LISTEN! My second podcast and what better first musical guest than my father and the drummer of Abbot Kinney, Brad Swanson. Brad is an accomplished songwriter with songs placed in Walk Hard, Smallville, CSI and more. We talk about what it was like for him growing up in Topanga Canyon during the music explosion of the 60s when Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, and Spirit were a regular cast of characters. He also graces the podcast with an original song so listen through the end!

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